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In one day the eyes must work a lot, focusing on books, computers, focus while traveling on the road, … Lead to many eyes when the state of fatigue and weakness. Especially for those with poor eyesight, it is very important to have eyewash products that help to support eyesight and improve eyesight. Many Vietnamese people are very trust and quality drugs of Japan should always want to hunt for this item. Because of that need, in this article I will introduce you some good eye drops in Japan


1. ROHTO 40α with 2 color yellow and blue (398yen)

Link Amazon: http://amzn.asia/9S3F6rA

Im using the blue one, more fresh than yellow. The uses Vitamin and mineral supplements cho mắt

  • Vitamin E, Vitamin B 6 Promote metabolism
  • Natri Chondroitin sulfat este (axit amin) Protect the cornea with tears
  • Kali L-aspartate (axit amin) Get oxygen into your eyes

I works with computer so many hours so eyes are easy to get tỉed, sometimes the eye irritation is very unpleasant, just 1-2 drops only, closed eyes that feel, after a minute opened his eyes to see beautiful life. The company has two colors blue and yellow, the yellow color is milder than blue, the blue is super cool, sober immediately.

2. Lion Smile 40 EX (4 lines for different prices) 

(Link Amaon: http://amzn.asia/fbXTM3T)

Really good for Eye related diseases such as eye irritation, occasional redness,… This is an option not to be missed. It is extremely effective and will solve these problems right in the first use. However, you need long-term use for long-term quark as well as help to make eyes stronger. In case you go swimming, the eyes are also exposed many substances, should use this product after swimming

Ingredients include vitamin E (to promote blood circulation), vitamin B6 (metabolism), vitamins (cornea regenerate cells), nutritional supplements for tired eyes, obstructive fatigue , dry eyes and ultraviolet radiation on the eyes, Lysozyme hydrochloride

3. V ROHTO Premium (1,500yen)

(Link Amazon: http://amzn.asia/6uB7spB)

Because the premium name is so high that the price is quite chunky compared to other types but quality much better
Good for All eye problems, from eye disease to the use of eye health and brighter. It means that the eye disease is also cure and support. With 12 active ingredients that are extremely good for the eyes, normal eye medications have only 6 active ingredients. The more active the quality of the eye, the better it is to cure more problems of the eye.

4. ROHTO Lycee (1,000yen)

(Link Amazon: http://amzn.asia/apWILO9)

This product line is dedicated to you Eye injuries caused by UV rays from the sun and other types of sun rays. If you have to work in the sun or travel or have fun outdoors for a long time. Or with friends who wear contact lenses and feel uncomfortable, tired.

This product is also suitable for people with dry conditions, eyestrain, both swimming and eye health.

5. Sante PC (800yen)

(Link Amazon: http://amzn.asia/0dvT1mr)

Talk about PC name is a reference to who use computer most of time. And yes, this is the eye drug Dedicated to those who regularly exposed computer screen, phone. Blue light emanating from the screen of a personal computer or smartphone, if you use these products often will make eye condition worse. In addition, eyesight is also affected a lot
Sante PC improves the focus function of the eye Vitamin B12 and protects the cornea, Dolomite Sulfate Sodium, works in the tissue metabolism of damaged eyes, and many other compounds. I recommend for you to do this kind of small office

Here are the best eye drops in Japan, hope that you will find the right medicine for each need.

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