For women using sunscreen, makeup is an indispensable part of every day. These things are sure to make women more beautiful and confident, but many young people just focus on makeup and makeup, you are often neglected, sometimes forget if the end of the day tired. So then go to bed always. Expensive makeup does not mean your skin is healthy and does not need to be removed. My friend said “Today I do not remove the page because tomorrow morning must not have to make makeup, just leave that layer tomorrow to save the time.” Can not believe what I just heard


I say this simple for you to associate. All things to develop are always need to breathe, skin is no exception. On the face of a pile of dust, a pile of makeup where to get where the skin breathes. Any guy that can get out of the nose, mouth shut you try to see if you can bear it. Cleaning is extremely important and basic when it comes to skincare steps. Skin is not clean, never skin care will be effective, simply you are just skin dirt on your face.
Why so many years ago, women do not need skin care and cleansing face that skin is radiant and long aging than we are now (although now young people are trying to brand a lot of face. level, the answer is due to the LIVING NATURE. In the past, there were many cars, motorbikes like now, walking or cycling to the nearest town. Water as well as air in the past was much cleaner now because of not being contaminated. Sun rays are also more damaging to the skin. So do not ignore the clean step, for me it is the key to successful skincare steps.


Muji have 2 sizes: 200ml and 400ml, normal type マイルドオイルクレンジング(200ml:750yen, 400ml:1.190yen) and for the sensitive skin オイルクレンジング・敏感肌用 (200ml:950yen, 400ml:1.790yen). I will review normal type today マイルドオイルクレンジング (Mild oil cleansing) full size 400ml
The front side
The back side
There is a blocking button
When viewed from below, it is yellow, but when used up, the yellow color turns white
date of production
The oil not too thick. Pour oil to the hand and apply all face massage combination for 2 minutes, pay attention to hands and face dry
Next emulsified with water

When adding water to cleansing oil, it will create a milky white color, specialized in emulsifying, then continue to massage the face for 2 minutes to get dirt deep pore to follow. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Remember to wash thoroughly. Normally, the cleansing step will use face cleanser (this method comes from Korea as Double Cleansing)

Apply rose water immediately for 60 seconds after washing your face.

Some cotton pad in Japan this link


  • Reasonable price
  • Ease to use
  • Skin smooth after using
  • Not dry after using
  • Will buy it again

For acne skin SHOULD NOT using cleansing oil because when you apply oil with skin effects like massage or emulsifying with oil, it will stimulate more sebaceous glands on the skin, so the inflammation of the acne will be severe. And, even more so, when you have acne, you will not be smooth, making oil cleansers stick to acne inflammation that clogs pores. Day 1 2 acne will be heavier and more likely to spread.

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