Eyes are the window of the soul and therefore, when communicating with the opposite, they often have eye contact during the first encounter. So the eyes are the area will leave a long impression on the opposite, in addition to focus on skin care, the eye should also be special attention to women. Sometimes, some of you make the puffy eyes appear darker and darker.

1.Ionic massage machine for the eye area

There are many types of massage machines on the market, but you should not use facial massagers for your eyes, because the eyes are one of the most sensitive parts on the face, need a massage device dedicated to sensitive area

Máy massage ion vùng mắt của Sunmay

Sunmay is a company from China, do not understand where the information that some beauty bloggers in Vietnam call him from Japan. However, many people are interested and interested to this point. From facial cleanser, facial massage machine, eye massage, everything is gone. This is battery powered, with only one battery remaining for a long time. The Sunway is also electrically charged, but I like it because it has lids and bags attached, very convenient to travel.

One more thing, you also can use it for your mouth area

2. Meishoku eyescream

Kem dưỡng mắt Meishoku placenta, containing high concentrations of placental substances for the eyes good with two main effects: intensive and anti-aging. You should use eye cream and eye massage machine for maximum effectiveness, because when using non-specialized cream for the eye area will cause diarrhea when moving massage machine on the face, the main cause formation of sticky wrinkled

3. Eyes mask

Add to that with your late night classmates, or night movie plots, or lack of sleep, then you should use a mask for the eye area to provide better eye skin. When the puffy eyes are too dark, you need to take care of the skin thoroughly. Products with the function: Moisturizing, Increase elasticity of the skin, reduce wrinkles, reduce dark circles.

In addition to the use of cosmetics that support the skin around the eyes, you should also eat a modest sleep. The best time to go to bed every day is 10pm. Do not overdo the creams while you stay up late at night. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also contributing to the beauty of yourself every day the girls. In addition you also have to supply of vitamins for the eyes by some eye drops, you can check it out in this link

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