Talk about Bento (lunch box), we have to mention the convenience because it is not difficult to buy. You can buy in the supermarket, convenience stores, … But what is healthy lunch box. Actually I hate lunch box because most are fried or have something that I like but there are things I do not like. Therefore, in this article I will introduce the shop that you can pick up your favorite thing in your own lunch Bento box noon and only cost from 540 yen.


I want to introduce with you guys the shop named: ごはん日和 (gohan biyori), This is a restaurant with a lot of good health foods that looks very delicious. Style is like your mom cooks at home.

this is the shop ごはん日和 at Gojo Takakura brand.
Space of the shop when entering
The new lunch buffet program is available for 540yen small size and 780yen size. Take the tray, select the box and size, and cover with a lid
The foods that you can choose. A lot of options that look very healthy
Get started choosing favorite dishes. Note that the bento need to put rice and the box have to closed. Otherwise you will have to add money
If you do not buy your own bento lunch, you can also buy your own food, there will be boxes and weighing at the checkout counter, each dish is clearly labeled at the dish.
In addition shop also make a bento with menu
Menu is here. It will take around 5-9 mins.
lunch buffet need to put rice inside the box
Choose lunch bento buffet and get 1 miso soup for free
I choose Lunch buffet small size 540yen, bring it to the counter and pay money
You can get the point card, with 500yen you get 1 point


  • clean and delicious
  • Many options
  • You can mix and choose little by little to test the taste first
  • the taste very goods, not really sweet like normal japanese food shops.
  • Lunch buffet only from 11:00 to 14:30.
  • Small size 540yen also too much for me
  • Be sure that you take a lot but your box still need to be closed.
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