In every birthday party we need to have birthday cake. Or simply during the holidays, when people gather together want to blow candles together, cut cake. In Japan, where they love to eat sweets, simply in a stressed country like Japan, eating sweets will give people a sense of happiness. That is why the Japanese love cake so much like that. However, I do not like sweet because it is quite nonsense, after a time of searching, I have found a birthday cake shop with just enough sweetness that the price is reasonable.


With me I do not really like something too sweet. Since I tried this cake brand, I do not feel too much and the combination of harmony between fruit and cream cake made a pretty strong impression since the first time I eat this. This is a bakery called SECOND HOUSE CAKE WORKS. When searching on google maps you just enter “Second House” is will always output results.

Kyoto is a popular and long-standing pastry shop, with up to eight stores in Kyoto, so people in Kyoto can quite enjoy the brand. The address I bought in Shijo (OII MARUI building on the first floor) Google maps here., so when we have a party, usually buy it and bring it to Karaoke (because often want to put cake in Karaoke you have to order in advance, but Expensive and not so good so we often bring in, staff of the restaurant does not matter.


Second House at Shijo Kyoto (OIOI MARUI)
Quite small and no place to eat there cause this brand in city center
If you want to add more candle you can buy it
There are always 4 cakes available. Taste No. 01 is the fruit kiwifruit, but because of the birthday cake should have something beautiful beautiful square a little bit so I choose cream cake
To write a message, the staff will give you a paper for you to write your content, name, phone number. It will taka around 15 minutes to do it


You can also order cake and size you like. 12cm: 2-3 people eating, 15cm: 4-6 people, 18cm: 6-8 people, 21cm: 10-12 people, 24cm: 14-16 people
When they finish writing, they will ask you to check it correctly, then pack it carefully and give it to you. I bought this cake 4 times without feeling bored
however, do not have knives to eat
Fear of bread crumbs quickly, staff will attach two sides of two pockets to keep ice cold
There are 5 long candles available. You should eat within 1 day only you bought it
Inside the cake there are also strawberries should not eat anymore
With tissue and menu


Another brand will have eating areas. The amount of cake as well as choice will also be more. To know the space of the shop you can find and view on google maps first. Recommend for dating place, the cake is pretty and delicious. If you want to consider whether to buy a cake in the restaurant, first try to buy a slice of small pieces in advance to see if the ice cream that you like or not. Wish you soon find the cake cream shop to suit your taste. TOP 5 cotton pad in Japan here. Top 5 Collagen powder in Japan here. More articles about Skincare here. About Review products here. Live in Kyoto here. Gifts should buy from Japan here. About Healthy topic here. From BETOREVIEW.COM with love <3


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