In recent years the Eat clean (clean) revolution is gradually heating up and taking up the spotlight of forum pages. The reason is that because the environment is polluted, people are trying to improve their health with a healthier lifestyle and diet. Check where to buy Eat Clean stuffs in here. In this article, I will summarize what I need to learn about making Smoothie for beginners.


When I researched Smoothie is very diverse and lots of information on the interner. However, there is a Eat Clean community group on Facebook for Emma Pham to create a lot of shared articles as well as Eat clean formulas for everyone. On facebook you can search many group about Eat clean and on the youtube as well. Below I will list the indispensable things in making Smoothie for beginners.


Juicers (ジュース ミキサー Juusu mikisa)

To make Smoothie, it is impossible to lack a juicers. If you can’t afford an expensive one, you can choose the cheap one you want to buy. The cheap ones will not be strong and will take longer time than expensive ones. I choose the medium, not very fast, but it is small. I bought this one for 3,980. Link to buy in Amazon: tại đây

Vegee Brand

Vegetables (野菜 yasai)

Green Smoothie must have vegetables. The best one is vegetables with dark green color. My favourite is spinach ほうれん草 (hourenso), easy to find in the supermarket because Japanese really love it. If can not find you can try Kale ケール (ke-ru),…You need to wash very careful because you will eat it directly.

Spinach (hourenso) buy in the supermarket.
For smoothie you only need the leaf part, other you can cook later.

Fruits フルーツ Furuutsu

My favorite is Banana because its so cheap in Japan. Others: kiwi, apple,…

Wait banana till it turn deep yellow

Nuts ナッツ Nattsu

Mixed Nuts
Chia seed, you need to put on the water around 2-3 hours.

Soybean or Water 豆乳 tonyu/水 mizu

You should buy Soy bean with no sugar the pure one.

Powder パウダー

For example, if you want to increase muscle, add Protein powder to the gym, if you want to increase Collagen, add a spoon of Collagen powder. Depending on demand. The powder is only optional, it is fine without it. I have to give 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, protein, no sugar, no salt. Add a smooth and fragrant Smoothie.

Peanut butter


I made it for the whole day after breakfast

Good luck from BETOREVIEW.COM with love <3

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