Acne is extremely difficult to find the cosmetic, to understand it is not simple. You should determine the cause of acne is due to endocrine or endocrine to have effective treatments. In this article I have not talked about how to treat acne (article that I am writing because it takes a little time) in this article I will write about how to do skincare with acnes skin. I choose this topic simply because if you start with acne that you care for the wrong skin will make acne worse and more difficult to cure. In this article, I will suggest some of the products combined in the course of acne


1.Use cleansing water instead of oil cleansing
I like to use oil cleansing because when you use it can combine massage. Review of Muji Oil Cleansing here. However, whenever you have acne, you should stop and transfer to make-up remover, simply when you have acne absolutely stop using oil cleanser because when you emulsify the massage will be able to dry skin. It can also cause your acne to worsen if the cleaning process is not clean. So when you got acne you should choose cleansing water instead of oil cleansing.

This brand is very popular. Pink for sensitive skin, dry skin. Green for oily skin

2. Do not use a washing machine

Many people think that the washing machine will do better cleaning and then the acne will flatten out and will run out faster. So do you think that the vibration of the massage machine that will affect the condition of acne yet? Not to mention that bad palm hygiene will be the main cause of more serious acne. So it is best to cleanse your face with hand cleanser with a gentle cleanser, mild enough.

Image illustration. This is the type I used when got acne, but the composition is have paraben but its ok, no worry

3. Choose the right moisturizer

For acne skin to leave clean pores is extremely necessary. If you choose a moisturizer or too much nutrients will clog your pores. Choose a line of moisturizing creams specifically for acne skin, or acne-prone skin creams, quickly penetrated, not sticky. Gel is the best type for you.

Gel extracted from wormwood to help treat acne, made in Korea

4. Use clay mask

Clay Mask is great for skin with oily complexion or acne skin. Because simple clay ingredients will help clear pores, dry acne and help support inflammation, acne.

Clay Mask Kiehls

5. Do facial steam

Sauna is also a great way to get rid of acne (especially if you have acne on your cheek). Weekly only 2 times. If possible, give less lemon, lemon juice. Just relax and clean the skin. The way to do it is to break into the super-speed boiler, when it is boiling then open for a little heat and then face down on the croup is the fastest and most convenient. If you have conditions, you can invest in the machine.

4. Should be used in combination with acne pimples

During the skincare cycle, there is a BHA presence. The BHA I use is Paula’s Choice. When you do not have acne you can still be used to prevent aging as well as deep cleansing. But remember to use sunscreen if the skin is not easy to be burnt, burned and hurt.


5. Drink enough water and exercise regularly

Drinking enough water will speed up the process of purifying the body. In addition to combining sports exercise, toxic will be released through the sweat glands as you move. However, wash your face after training, do not sweat on the face and go to the next. Can cause clogging and cause the growth of bacteria

Wish you find the right product in your own Skincare.
From BETOREVIEW.COM with love <3

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