In terms of skin, the horny layer will follow its circulation, so if you want your skin is smooth and at the touch does not feel peeling due to the layer of horny skin grows and to get as much as moisture when doing skincare, so do not skip the exfoliation step. For example as a lips, if you do not care for the exfoliation skin, winter lip you will be prone to cracking, or when lip gloss is exposed groove. To remedy that condition simply exfoliate. There are many types of exfoliation on the skin, but each type of skin sensitivity should be selected to avoid skin erosion and weaken the skin. After the skin exfoliation is complete, the next step of skin care will be extremely wonderful.


Today I wrote this review about Cure Aqua Natural Gel. This product eliminates dead skin cells. I love this product with outstanding advantages:

  • Contains botanical extracts
  • No artificial colors
  • No preservatives
  • Smooth even with the most sensitive skin
  • Helps to improve and support firmer skin
  • Super-nearly water (although some prefer solids because of their personal views)
Finish already
The product is always on top of Cosme. Price around 2,500yen
For those who want to check the code, to know is it fake or auth product from Japan
Good design
This is not oil cleansing, but I just want to check how clean is it
It looks like the texture of the serum, but with the hands to the skin smooth, as if the water on the skin
So clean


Allow the skin to dry or to a little moisture, then give about 3 times the pump out hands. Then apply on the face (this when applied to the very like, nothing at all, only until the new massage to see the horns are cleaned), leave the range of 2 to 3 seconds and then start to rub fingers in the picture. Circle the area around the face, so massage the nose and the cheek or expose the pores. Keep moving until you feel good, then rinse with water.


  • No scratching of the skin (suitable even for the most sensitive skin due to the liquid texture almost water)
  • Brighter skin after use
  • Feeling skin clean without strangling, feeling more intense skin
  • Skin is softer and more absorbent than the following skin care steps
  • 1 bottle 250g but can be used for a long time
  • If the end will still buy and loyal lifetime

From BETOREVIEW.COM with love <3

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