Referring to Japan is the country with expensive vegetable prices with international students or newcomers in the country. I used to buy in Vietnam or less than ten kilos, but the price of meat that Japan to turn upside down, buy fruit is calculated by the fruit, vegetables in the straw so the desire to eat the roof of flowers always betel in the head. In Japan, their hygiene and safety requirements are high, so 90% of people will shop at supermarkets, or convenience stores. There are also grocery stores like in Vietnam, but not many and not too diverse items. In this article I will tell you some channels to buy goods in accordance with weight but not as expensive as in supermarkets


This question is also a lot of students wonder if there is a way to buy cheap fruit in Japan?

  • Rakuten: is a reputable online sales site in Japan, similar to amazon, but the Japanese use Rakuten than Amazon
  • Amazon is stronger on electronics, the rest is similar to Rakuten
  • Buy retailers who work at farms or have cheap imports in Japan (but prefer Rakuten or Amazon because most of you will be free shipping).

Since I have just ordered a crispy crusty 10kg on Amazon and it arrived today so I decided to write a review for you who needs to buy what many fruit with cheap price. Every season is not always something you want to buy, so every season, you should order the fruit on that season.


Go the homepage of AMAZON type the keyword for searching


For example: Apple: りんご (Ringo). Apricot:アプリコット(Apurikotto) Mango: マンゴー (mango) Lemon: レモン (Lemon) Cherry: チェリー Strawberry: イチゴ (ichigo) Peach: 桃 (momo),…

The result aftter searching Apple
After considering, I decided this one. The name describes 訳ありWakeari: means fruit slightly has a slight problem. Apple comes from 岩手県産 Iwatekensan Iwate Prefecture
For example, there are some fruits in this bin, for example, not all barrels
配送料無料 Haisoryo muryo: Free shipping
The box will have red apples and yellow apples
The box will have red apples and yellow applesg
After you order about 3 days, the goods will arrive
Big box like this
Covered by newspaper
My box of 10kg is about 44 fruits, only 10 yellow, the other is red apple
2 layers
Red apple and yellow apple
Not too big, not too small
Its slightly have a problem
Very delicious
Good taste


  • Big good point free shipping
  • Good taste
  • Slightly problems in some apples
  • Will order when it finish

From BETOREVIEW.COM with love <3

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