For people who likes all-you-can-eat, 食べ放題 (tabe houdai) do not ignore this restaurant. This restaurant gives you to choice for all-you-can-eat: sukiyaki and shabushabu (hot pot). In this article I will review for you guys my favorite hot pot Shabu Shabu all-you-can-eat in Kyoto


Tajimaya is a chain of all-you-can-eat Shabu Shabu restaurants in Japan. When you arrive at the shop, you have two choices, either Shabu Shabu or Sukiyaki. The difference between Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki is:

  • Shabu Shabu (Hot pot 2 side be used for all things in the pot is not according to a standard). The ingredients can be customized according to their preference, not the set they carry
  • Sukiyaki Including thin sliced beef and mushrooms, tofu, onions, shirataki, .. Especially meat after ripe is forced to dip into the sauce made from eggs, this makes the impression of this dish, kind of dry when eating and with this type you can not eat much
Signs of the shop. I eat at Aeon Mall Kyoto Station
From the outside look at the price and menu. Eat 90 minutes. The cheapest evening package is 2,380 yen at night, but in lunch is cheaper
I choose beef set 2,680 yen / person. The cheaper lunch is: 1580 yen per person. If you want to drink soft drinks please call Drink Bar set: 280 yen per person
On the table to have towels available
You will be selected 2 out of 4 Dashi types. I choosed 旨辛チゲだし(uma kara chigedashi): spicy and ゆず塩だし(Yuzu shiodashi): salty, but in lunch you only can choose one
Then go to pick which you like inside your hot pot
Rice and source area
My first dish
Lượt đầu họ sẽ mang 1 đĩa bò và 1 đĩa lợn. Từ lượt sau thì có thể tự gọi theo ý thích. Pork is 豚肉(butaniku kudasai), beef is 牛肉(gyuniku kudasai)
After put vegetables. The control button is on the side of the table. If your hot pot is out of water, just tell staff : “Dashi kudasai”, then staff will bring more hot pot soup for you
This is the drink bar you can plus the option and then can drink it as much as you can
When time almost finish, staff will come and ask you for the last order? If enough then enjoy free ice cream on the last minutes. The cream has 12 tastes, self-selected
My selection


  • Have to make reservation, because at night people go out and eat a lot
  • Lunch set is cheaper but only 60 minutes

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From BETOREVIEW.COM with love <3

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