For everyone who lives far from their own country, they always want to have the opportunity to enjoy their home style dishes. See more Kyoto cuisine here. Today I’m going to introduce to the Okinawan foods restaurant, but with the style and the way of processing is Asian cuisine. No sweet sweet as Japanese food and taste makes me feel very familiar, like eating things in Vietnam.


Goya asian food restaurant

This is the restaurant near Kyoto University. Address here named: GOYA Asian Chample Food. GOYA is named of the most famous dish in here and can be said to make the name of the restaurant, Vietnamese is bitter melon. Since the shop is mainly Okinawa foods, many young Vietnamese people call this restaurant Okinawa. The first impression when entering the restaurant is the layout is very impressive, ancient style, traditional and very nostalgic.

The outside image of the restaurant, outside available Menu.
There are 2 floors. This is the 1st floor for smoking area
2nd floor is non-smoking floor. Capacity of 16 people (2nd floor)
You can book the table first if you want. The staff will reserve a seat for you (2nd floor)
Each chair has a small blanket
Box under the seat. There was also a hanger on the wall
Table corner will have a small bell to call staff
Menu, I ordered MIMIGA (pig ear) Super delicious, however just little bit
Menu, next I ordered Tom Yum Kung (Thailand food) Super delicious, slightly spicy but eat in the cold season is great
Menu, next I ordered Taco Rice (eat with Tom Yum kung soup is super delicious)
Next I ordered Goya (mướp đắng), most famous in this restaurant
While waiting for food, you can eat some black sugar candies for free
lovely chopsticks
After 5-10 minutes, the Mimiga pig ear is brought out. Eat delicious and very fragrant.
This is Thai Tomyum, the spicy taste is quite moderate. Also quite good
This is GOYA, Ingredients: bitter melon, fish, beans, chili, pork, eggs, onion
Next TACO Rice, the rice is pretty much so when eat will be slightly dry. You should call Tomyum and sprinkle Tomyum with rice and it will be delicious
Let Tomyum and rice to 2 separate bowl, then eat with tomyum water up
In the morning you do not need to call drink but it is obligatory to call water in the evening.
The bowl is very classic, eating clean to see the disc
they will bring you hot tea for dessert
They do not have a pay desk so you will pay directly at the table. Call staff and say 会計ください(kaikei kudasai), then staff will bring the bill.
You put money here and give it back to the staff. 2 people are 3,970yen


Please note the following when arriving at the restaurant:

  • The restaurant closed every Wednesday
  • One day has 2 shifts, lunch 11:30 am to 3:00 pm and dusk 17:00 to 23:00. There will be time for staff to rest, clean up
  • Day and night menus are different.
  • They have lunch box bento
  • Having lunch is cheaper than eating at night

Wish you a good Okinawa experience here soon. From BETOREVIEW.COM with love <3

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