Whey protein is a powder made from milk with lots of nutrients such as lactose, protein, minerals and vitamins. Lactose is a sugar that provides up to 40% of energy, helps absorb iron and calcium. Gym people are no stranger to this whey powder. Whey Protein Powder is recommended for those who are looking to increase muscle mass and those who lack dietary protein. The muscles will be stimulated by exercise. Protein not only supports the purpose of muscle building but also takes care of and restores the body after exercise. In this article Betoreview will introduce you Top favorite whey protein powder in Japan.


SAVAS WHEY PROTEIN 100 SAVAS was developed based on sports nutrition to support professional athletes. This line is loved by all sports players. Link to buy in Amazon: here. Have 5 flavors Cacao (ココア味), Vani (バニラ味), Dark Chocolate (リッチショコラ味), Chocolate ( チョコレート味 ), Milk (香るミルク風味 ). Cacao flavor is always the top seller. According to this company suggests you should drink after practice to have the best muscle gain effect. The days of exercising are heavier than usual, take 1 hour before going to bed. Instructions for use from the company are 1 drink twice a day (about 42g total). 1 spoonful is 21g ~ 83kcal.

The most popular line is cacao. Weight 1,050g (use about 50 drinks)

Ingredient: Whey protein, cocoa powder, dextrin, vegetable oil, salt, emulsifier (including soy), VC, flavor, pullulan, sweetener, Niacin, V.B2, V.B1, V.B6, Pantothenic Acid Ca, Folic Acid, V.B12 Usage: Dissolve 3 scoops in the bag (about 21g) into 200 to 300 ml of milk or water. Suggested use after exercise, before bedtime, breakfast, drink immediately after dissolving in milk or water.


Savas Whey This cacao flavor protein is very popular in Japan. This type of whey protein contains 7 groups of B vitamins. It is essential for those who want to build muscle. Vitamin C is essential for maintaining physical condition. By taking twice a day (about 42g for 2 times) as in the instructions for use, it was developed to compensate for the lack of 7 groups of B and C vitamins that athletes need in a day. This is only a functional food, cannot completely replace daily meals.

Besides promoting muscle support during exercise, when taking Whey protein too much you also get some bad situation:

  • Kidney damage if used for a long time (because the kidneys have to work a lot to remove excess proteins)
  • Headaches, constipation (if you use excessive doses compared to your body, usually 2g / kg whereby you count based on your weight and protein intake that you eat daily)

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