Mujirushi Ryohin 無印良品 or MUJI The company sells a variety of household items, consumer goods and cosmetics. Muji stands out with a very simple design (because the company focuses on quality, the items such as cosmetics are highly appreciated by users.) Muji also emphasizes on recycling, avoiding waste. production and packaging, and policies without a logo or “no brand”.

Muji has many branches around the world but I have heard a lot of negative feedback about the system of Muji when abroad, but have not had the opportunity to verify it true or false, but the Japanese company Of course, shopping in Japan is the norm. Not only is the sale of household items, muji products, Muji is also developing systems such as Café Muji, Meal Muji, Muji Campsite,…


I like the space as well as the layout of the Muji, but not all shops are large enough to be able to have a wide space to decorate. Often the beautifully decorated premises will be located in the major commercial centers and with the station can only find a small shop of Muji only. The following is the MUJI branch located in Kyoto BAL located in the Sanjo-Kawaramachi central area. This is my favorite place, and I can eat near this area and can also shop.

Muji essential oil impresses with the scent. I also bought an aromatherapy machine here and use super-like. See review article here
For cosmetics, I am using Muji’s Light Toner
Cosmetic test area such as powder, lipstick, sunscreen,…
Full size and mini size to buy as a gift is quite convenient.
Refill for shower gel, shampoo, soap, … The design is extremely simple
The scene was very eye-opening
Muji also manufactures special faucets, which are suitable for cleaners and who prefer convenience
In addition to the clothes, the pattern is quite good
Food area
Houseware shop
The furniture is super nice
Bicycle, tree decorating room


  • Space is beautiful, the showroom has a variety of models to choose from
  • Many things to buy as gifts
  • There are duty-free counters for tourists
  • Home delivery service
  • Good cosmetics (I will do review article on Muji cosmetics soon)
  • The packaging is simple but also quite fresh
  • Supercritical oil

Wish you soon visit the showroom of Muji and choose your favorite items!

From BETOREVIEW.COM with love <3

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