For ladies who are living in Japan, it is difficult to get discount when buying cosmetic. No one thinks of getting free skincare gifts. It’s a bit hard to believe, but one time on facebook, Ci-labo is running a promotional offering a free trial. Maybe this is the campaign in the 20th anniversary of Ci-labo. A brief introduction to Ci-labo: Founded in 1999 aimed at solving skin problems. The impression of the company is that the skin care products are developed on the knowledge of dermatologists.

Free sample full 5 set.


The only condition to get that free sample is you have Japanese adress, unlike other brands that you will have to do ア ン ケ ー ト (survey form), just fill your email, address, phone number. Below I will detail the steps to get the free trial set:

Step 1: Go to their website and click to はじめての方限定まずは無料サンプル như hướng dẫn

Click to はじめての方限定まずは無料サンプル (free sample)
Then 5 presents. 1 and 2 are both mini set and bag. Type 2 has Aqua Collagen gel mini as its best seller
3,4,5 only small trial

Step 2: Register for a free trial

To get free sample, please click to 無料サンプルのお申込はこちら
Next click to 2 お届け先登録からお申し込み(For those first registration)
Then fill in the full information. Enter the postal code then click search and enter more house name, room number. Remember to mark the two boxes at the end of the application.
If you finish click to 2 boxese, the box will turn green so that you can click

Step 3: Confirm the address of the recipient

Registration is complete, will display the confirmation information, if the address information is not wrong you click next 無料サンプルを申し込む (get free sample)

Step 4: Receive a successful notice to get free sample

Once the button is clicked, the message will be displayed.

Step 5: Apply for the remaining free samples. You can back by click this link to choose others sample. When you register for free samples from the second product on, please choose かんたんお申し込み (easy apply) instead of お届け先登録からお申し込み(For those new to the first registration).

Continue hunting for other free samples かんたんお申し込み
From the second time you do not need to re-enter the information because its saved already. Click on the circle and click 無料サンプルを申し込む(get free sample).
After click, the message will be displayed


You repeat step 5 for 2 more products. After registering, around 4-6 days it will arrive. The company sends it by Yamato and if you do not have a house, they will put you in the mailbox. The items are not too big. With regular mailboxes, it will definitely fit.

Very thin, but inside a lot of leaflets.

Because Hokkaido just happened earthquake should transport or send items to Hokkaido extremely difficult. So Ci-labo also commented that it is quite difficult to move to Hokkaido area, hope you in Hokkaido sympathize.

Good luck from BETOREVIEW.COM with love <3

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